Silverton, Colorado.

Silverton holds some of the old west charm of late. As Colorado mountain towns continue to grow and develop; the vibe, feel and context of these communities is also evolving. I personally enjoy the old ways and feel that Silverton has held on to much of it’s quaintness despite a new ski resort and the influx of tourism that the Durango-Silverton narrow gauge brings with it. I was fortunate enough to have a few hours in Silverton this past weekend, camera in hand. I sought to track down some of the western nostalgia in this short photo essay. As a photographer/journalist do you find yourselves taking steps to set yourself apart from the other camera wielding “Tourists” when visiting a location or culture known for it’s photographic opportunities? If so, is this out of respect for your work or the subject at hand or both?

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2008. All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Silverton, Colorado.

  1. I don’t think quite like that. I am always shooting the way I think I shoot. I willconciously avoid the large crowds most of the time, but how I shoot is how I shoot.Love your piano man! Also the last one…where the head of the fellow on the left is set nicely in that negative space. Sam Abell would be proud.


  2. MK, Nice! Yes..the piano shot seems timeless to me..and I enjoy that quality in it. as for my question and your comment..I personally find myself trying to get out earlier than the crowd, or staying later, or making extra efforts to “build relationships” with my subjects in order to make a better picture. What you said stands true..this is also the “way I shoot” – crowd or no crowd. I can’t wait to hear more about Look3 …the projects, the photographers and the festivities! Let’s talk soon! Cheers – Jeremy


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