A Portrait by Micheal Kircher.

Photograph © Micheal Kircher 2008.

This photograph was taken by friend and photographer Micheal Kircher. We first met at the Summit Workshop in Jackson, Wyoming. His use of lighting never ceases to amaze me..and this example is no exception! Taking advantage of natural light is one thing..but creating your own lighting conditions is it’s own! In this he is an expert!

We were hanging out in DC, skipped the city, got caught in the rain and had the opportunity to do some shooting over the Potomac river near Great Falls. One good turn deserves another, I took Michael’s portrait (below.) Same place, same sky, same five minutes- different techniques! Impressive.

Micheal Kircher is also a natural when it comes to teaching, instructing- he knows his camera..we have the same camera. I zip him emails all the time…Mike, how do you do that? how do I do this? How would Harvey do it? To share knowledge is a great thing! Keep up the good work MK!

Check out some of Micheal’s work …… HERE.

Cheers, Jeremy

Photographer Micheal Kircher in his element..shooting Herons near Great Falls. Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2008. All rights reserved.

One thought on “A Portrait by Micheal Kircher.

  1. Hey brother. You are too, too kind! Thanks.Also, Harvey’s “self-portrait” images have been chosen. Good choices, but of course yours and mine would have really been better! heh-heh.


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