San Juan BioEnergy, Dove Creek, Colorado.

I recently had the opportunity to spend a day in and around Dove Creek, Colorado covering a story on alternative fuel production. San Juan BioEnergy is setting up to produce sunflower oil along with bio diesel from their site in Dove Creek. The company has begun to create a partnership with local farmers to produce the crops needed for production, sunflowers being the mainstay. The company’s general manager, Jeff Berman, has high hopes for the economic impact of San Juan BioEnergy within the community.

To learn more about San Juan BioEnergy visit their website HERE.

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2008. All Rights Reserved.

AntiDull Art Magazine

A man trims his beard on a construction site while coworkers slumber nearby in the heat of the afternoon, Namibia.

A woman makes her daily commute on the underground Metro system, Washington, DC.

Men pass the afternoon with a game of Mancala in the narrow streets of Stonetown, Zanzibar.

These are scenes of “everyday life” taken from around the globe. Perhaps they also act as “statements” …..for me they are documentary, they are my memories, experiences and often times a record of my direct and indirect contact within the environments I have chosen to explore. “Moments”….. captured. The beautiful reality of photojournalism!

AntiDull magazine, an online art and photography publication has recently published a few of my images. I encourage you to check out their site link HERE.

The most recent issues, one dedicated to Photojournalism and the other Fashion, were both released yesterday. Online media will perhaps be the “press” of tomorrow. AntiDull’s commitment to an “advertisement free” environment will hopefully continue to attract talented photographers and artists from around the globe as the publication continues to grow and inspire!

Enjoy the Magazine! -Jeremy

Above Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2008. All Rights Reserved.

Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Part II

Photograph © Ben J. Shockley 2008.

This photograph was taken by my cousin Ben Shockley shortly after I had traded my Nikon for Corona and camp stove. I enjoy the feeling of this image that is very “Surreal”. Ben shot this image off a tripod, and the extra long exposure not only added the motion but also the vibrant colors that in my mind really make this image stand out! Ben’s use of our headlamps and a strong firelight also added to the success of the image. Be sure to keep an eye on Ben’s Work as he continues to develop his photographic style.

Ben’s photojournalism blog is linked HERE

Cheers, Jeremy