Durango Rallies for Obama!

Democrates from La Plata County rally in support of Senator Barak Obama in response to McCain’s arrival in Durango , Colorado on Friday, Oct.24th. A handful of “anarchist” made a showing as well…

Perhaps what intrigued me most with this essay was the energy and diversity of those showing support along main street on Friday afternoon. It is a beautiful thing to see people so involved, outspoken and determined to help set the course of our country’s near future! I found these people and this subject “open” to photography, do you find certain subjects lend themselves to the media and if so what has been the “drive ” behind that??

I think that in this case it is clearly the idea that these individuals of diverse background, mixed age and various creed have something to say….and rightly so, want their message to be heard… perhaps in the medium of a photograph!

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Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2008. All Rights Reserved.

Talk about a good time…!

So you start with some apples…harvested..not store bought. Better taste ’em!

Then you feed the machine..this is the physical part! Pick a good hat..or rock the pot!

Add a good measure of bourbon whisky…and drink up!

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2008.

Photographer contemplates a turn on the crank! Photo Credit: Rachel Beckelhymer

Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial. Part I

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2008. All Rights Reserved.

In the words of Micheal Parfit….

“Powwows today are far more than a salute to the past. They’re not shows. They’re not entertainment. Most Indians call them celebrations. Nurtured during the past century by Plains Indians, today’s powwow is part family reunion, part cultural revival, part dance contest – and all shimmering spectacle.”

NGM- June, 1994.

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Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial. Part II

The day begins early in the Powwow arena, relatives honor each other with Gourd Dancing. Grand entry brings the ceremony to life with vibrant colors and movement, the sun sets and the sky darkens. The night air is cool from rain and full of sound; the drums can be heard from a long distance. I find myself slipping in and out of the darkness, waiting for the right moment; light and composition are factoring into my every thought. I am an outsider in this ceremony. I try to be unobtrusive, respectful, and trustworthy. I work a scene and then move on, searching the light for something that will tell this story and perhaps even evoke emotion. A single image becoming something of beauty and importance, that is what I am striving for as my mind races forward. I can feel the tiredness creeping into my body and mind, but the drums keep me going. I ask a man for his portrait, beautiful!…thank you I say and move on. The moon is still young, and the sky an inky black. Large stadium lights bath the edges of the arena, the Ceremony continues.

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Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2008. All Rights reserved.

Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial. Part III

The ambiance outside of the Powwow Arena was indeed that of a fair: Rodeo goers, Powwow contestants, Native American spectators, family members, and organizers. Vendors from as far south as Ecuador, European tourist, and Gallup locals all made up the great diversity of this event, as the master of ceremonies announced a welcome to “Indians and Non-Indians alike…Welcome!”

This was a self portrait I made late into the first evening as I continued to document the events surrounding the Inter-Tribal Ceremonial.

Cheers – Jeremy

Gila Cliff Dwellings, New Mexico.

As I revisit so many of the cultural sites that captivated me in my youth, I now seek a new connection. I explore these sites for the first time through the lens, through photojournalism, and certainly with a perspective I would not have had even a few years ago. On this recent trip through Southern New Mexico and Gila National Forest it was the volunteer rangers that left the strongest impression on me as Rachel and I explored the cliff dwellings. I chose to make this photo essay about them, using the site as an environment rather than the direct subject. The enthusiasm and knowledge of these two men was honest and sincere, as was their curiosity involving the subjects at hand. These gentlemen, these volunteers, are dedicated, passionate and obviously doing something they enjoy. I applaud that! That’s Jack with the cowboy hat. Enjoy the photos…Jeremy

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2008. All Rights Reserved.

It’s not just a bike…

A bicycle awaits it’s owner outside of a shop in the town of Chipata, Zambia.

A fundraiser for ACIRFA will he held at the Steam & Steel Cafe in Silverton, Colorado this Friday evening Oct. 3rd from 6-9pm. I will be presenting a slideshow of images from throughout Africa, with an emphasis on “The Utilitarian Bicycle” shot primarily in Zambia during my last visit. A certain percentage of the proceeds from sold photographs that evening will also be donated to ACIRFA as part of the fundraiser. To learn more about the organization visit their link HERE.

Hope to see you this weekend!

Cheers, Jeremy

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Silverton, Colorado

Above Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2008. All Rights Reserved.