Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial. Part III

The ambiance outside of the Powwow Arena was indeed that of a fair: Rodeo goers, Powwow contestants, Native American spectators, family members, and organizers. Vendors from as far south as Ecuador, European tourist, and Gallup locals all made up the great diversity of this event, as the master of ceremonies announced a welcome to “Indians and Non-Indians alike…Welcome!”

This was a self portrait I made late into the first evening as I continued to document the events surrounding the Inter-Tribal Ceremonial.

Cheers – Jeremy


2 thoughts on “Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial. Part III

  1. Thank you Micheal…..and thank you for your input on these images earlier in the week! I checked out the flash setup you used with the two separate “gels” and the on camera flash to trigger…I like it! I am always trying to keep it simple.. (the tech stuff)…but this looks like fun! Cheers, Jeremy


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