Burn Magazine.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2008.

David Alan Harvey introduces Burn Magazine, an online journal for emerging photographers. This clean, stylistic site showcases strong, introspective works from a wide variety of talented photographers almost daily! David Alan Harvey is a MAGNUM photographer and the curator of Burn.


2 thoughts on “Burn Magazine.

  1. ah yeah. burning images onto the digital cellulose.This is a great shot, Mr. Shockley.Love the image you chose for the below FOCUS blog.Nice front page article in the Drum as well! 😉


  2. Patricio, My friend!So good to hear your still checkin' in on my small journalistic endeavor from time to time! I am still trying to come up with the formula that will keep traffic & comments up, with the ultimate goal of creating a resource for photographers, writers (like yourself) , and journalist. But even more than a resource, an ongoing conversation and a sense of community is the vision for this site! I have tried to keep it personal, but also newsworthy, established links help to create the "resource" aspect. My challenge is to keep the attention of those who might chance a pone this site, and hopefully there will be a continued interest, for it is that interest that "breaths life " into this project! Any feedback is welcome! Cheers, Jeremy


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