El Chapultepec.

Cities at night are akin to foreign lands, as I leave the quite luxuries of my hotel room to explore the life of Denver. My night off, a quite bar, some time to clear my thoughts, a small piece of American history- the pictures are as necessary to me as my time alone, my cold beer, and the knowledge that not all has changed in the West.

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2009.


3 thoughts on “El Chapultepec.

  1. Man! Looks like a joint I’d like to pop into. Saw a great blues guitarist/singer in Connecticut… of all places! He’s coming to Baltimore in April and I can’t wait to get up there with my camera. If I can come away with images as nice as these, I’ll be pleased.Just the right amount of fill flash, by the way… nicely done!


  2. It was a great night for photos! I came back with some friends on Friday night, it was much busier, and less conducive to photos- but these really say it all for me! I was using a spoon again here, to diffuse light from my SB600. real subtle effect…I have learned so much about flash technique since we went out on the C&O last year..much to learn yet! Always right!Cheers, -Jeremy


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