An Epic Adventure…

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2009. All Rights Reserved.

After an epic adventure in the Grand Canyon- despite a sandstorm, followed by icy winds- we explored the Northern realm of Arizona, gracing some of the iconic sites associated with the Southwest. Antelope Canyon was a highlight! Located on Tribal Lands, this landmark is part of the Navajo Nation and can provide some awe inspiring views throughout the day, as light and shadow shift with the changing sun!


3 thoughts on “An Epic Adventure…

  1. MK, I should clairify- the photographs are from Antelope Canyon, a few hours NE of the Grand Canyon, easily accesable by four-wheel drive vehicle. As for the Grand Canyon, we packed light and trekked most of the way down to the Colorado River, day trip, beautiful vistas! It is certainly worth a little bit of training. – The reward will be some of your most memorable images!Perhaps you can tack that on to a Durango trip in the future!I hope to post some more images in the days to come….Cheers, Jeremy


  2. No, right… I knew those were from Antelope Canyon. Someone once told me getting in there was rough. Maybe they were just really out of shape! Ha.Hmmm… Grand Canyon (north rim) and then Durango… or vice versa? Sounds pretty cool! Man! I need more time in my life!


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