Full Regalia…

Photographs Jeremy Wade Shockley/SU DRUM

Regalia plays a large part in the arena as dancers work their way through the Powwow circuit. Men and women alike, young and old compete for points and money in Powwows across North America. The color, movement and energy in the Powwow arena is awesome, but the individuality of each person is often times reflected by their regalia.

I was fortunate enough to witness the Gathering Of Nations Powwow in Albuquerque, New Mexico while on assignment for the Southern Ute Drum Newspaper. Claiming the title of “Americas Largest Powwow” the Gathering of Nations is a sight to behold, bringing North America’s Tribes together in full regalia!

Selected photographs from Southern Ute Drum editorial coverage on Denver March and Gathering of Nations Powwow.

Photograph Jeremy Wade Shockley/SU DRUM


3 thoughts on “Full Regalia…

  1. Is that an off-camera flash in the first shot? or just an existing light to camera left? Nice, whichever it is!Good series. I’ll be checking out the rest online.It’s impossible to quantify, really, just how much one grows as an artist and photographer when we fall into certain gigs… but I have to say your growth since joining the Drum has been deeply inspiring. Very impressed, Jeremy. No joke.Cheers.


  2. MK, I was honestly saying the same thing to myself recently. The distractions of building my house here in Colorado, working side projects in construction to pay the bills or even the energy I expended to get photo projects off the ground/published are behind me for the time being. My work at the DRUM is full on, there is no day, and very few weekends that I am not shooting. Constantly being challenged, and often times taking on subjects/ideas I would never have otherwise pursued on my own! I picked up a camera exactly ten years ago, and the momentum that has brought me to this point in my career has never been stronger! So I say… thank you for noticing!! It’s been a long road and the real journey is just ahead of us! Many thanks Michael.To answer your question, SB 600 on the camera with a Stofen diffuser, the main light source was from the arena floor at left. I was very pleased with the results. The lighting situation at each powwow is different and often difficult, but always manageable! Many of Harvey’s most memorable images for the 1994 Nat Geo article on Powwow were shot outside at places like Rocky Boy and Taos.


  3. The National Geographic article I mentioned above is titled Powwow in the June, 1994 issue.I also wanted to make it clear that I strongly admire Harvey's indoor shots in that essay as well! His style & use of light, flash and motion is really exemplified here in the powwow arena! I recommend picking up a copy to see for yourself!


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