PhotoShelter: An Image Archive Takes Shape.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley. All Rights Reserved.

The company PhotoShelter has been on the up and up since the fall of Digital Railroad in 2008. The company has expanded it’s features and market simultaneously over the last twelve months and proves to be an attractive and affordable option to self market stock photography. The basic photoshelter site offers online storage, printing services and for some the template of a website ideal for most photographers looking to market their collections to a worldwide audience.

I have recently made the investment in both time and money to bring my images to PhotoShelter and thus create the beginnings of Fedora Photo’s latest online site. will remain as my main website and portfolio, while FedoraProjects will continue to post the latest in news and photography. What I hope to achieve with a PhotoShelter archive is to make my personal work available to editors, friends, and potential clients, while also safe guarding and organizing a massive digital archive currently unavailable to the public market.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley. All Rights Reserved.

Time and energy will define the progress of this site, as each file must be carefully captioned, keyworded, and sized. The basic structure is set, and will continue to develop in the coming months! I hope you enjoy the site, and I welcome any and all feedback right here on FedoraProjects or via email.

Cheers, Jeremy

Click HERE to enter Jeremy Wade Shockley’s PhotoShelter Archive.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley. All Rights Reserved.


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