Burning Daylight…

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Post Hard Core: Burning Daylight brings down the house at Gator’s Lounge en route to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Check out the sounds of Burning Daylight and thier latest studio album, Knife Fight Ethic right HERE!


6 thoughts on “Burning Daylight…

  1. Ben, Anytime Cuz! I really enjoyed it, and would be happy to shoot another venue anytime you need it! Keep me posted. Glad you liked the essay. I will get you the images asap so that you can share them with the rest of the band.Cheers, Jeremy


  2. Awesome! Thanks Mike! I have come to love strobes in the last year or so, and find it hard to believe that for almost a decade I shot images primarily using available light. The turning point may very well have been out trip to the C&O Canal in that crazy dark thunderstorm…I realized then just how far one could stretch those waning hours with use of good flash technique…Days become longer on both ends, movement becomes interesting or frozen in ways that beckon experimentation, and you as a photographer choose the degree by which to light any given subject/scene outside of the studio. (Not that I have ever been one to shoot in a studio)Wireless flashes, on or off the camera, are simply another tool by which to express creativity, while documenting the world around us, in a medium that is ever evolving, and demands the most artistic and personal touch from anyone in the field of journalism/photography! Cheers! Jeremy


  3. Trina, Thank You! I was hoping you would get a chance to see this piece. The lead singer is Ben Shockley, my cousin, who is also a photographer & graphic designer based out of Las Cruces. This was a "hometown" gig since most of these band members are originally from Farmington, New Mexico. Cheers, Jeremy


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