Wyoming Whisky.

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2009.

This essay began in 2006 when I was working on a ranch piece for Rich Clarkson’s photojournalism workshop, Photography at the Summit. Growing up around Colorado ranch lands, I held a strong connection with my subject and a friendship quickly developed with the Mead Family in Jackson, Wyoming.

I was asked to return to Wyoming two years later in order to collaborate on a photography project for the Mead’s latest business venture, Wyoming Whisky. Having acquired ranch lands in the small community of Kirby, Wyoming, the Meads set out to create America’s next great bourbon.

This small batch bourbon whisky will be produced under the supervision of Master Distiller Steve Nally. Whisky production officially began at high noon on July, 4th, 2009.

Wyoming Whisky has had great support from the community and is bolstering the local economy by creating jobs and raising the demand for regional grains. Please visit their website for more details!

Click HERE to visit the Wyoming Whisky website.

A slideshow of the full photo essay is available at my PhotoShelter Archive, Click HERE.

This photographic essay was produced during a single day of cattle branding on the Mead Ranch in Kirby, Wyoming.


8 thoughts on “Wyoming Whisky.

  1. MK, Thanks so much, that puts a smile on my face!I have been hoping, wanting and needing to publish the "Branding" essay for some time now. The "double posts" are the result of a hard nights work at the hotel where I was posting up while covering a recent assignment for the Tribe. Not a whole lot going on at night in Montrose, Colorado…the high speed internet and Coffee Trader cafe more than made up for the rest.Cheers!


  2. Thank You! I was working under difficult lighting conditions that day, conditions that were constantly changing. I wanted to bring this essay together as one piece visually, and the sepia really did that! I also achieved a feel that is nostalgic of the American West, perfect for Bourbon!Again, thank you for the comment. Cheers, Jeremy


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