Southern Ute Tribal Fair & Powwow!

Photograph Jeremy Wade Shockley/SU DRUM

Once a year the Southern Ute Indian Tribe goes all out on their Tribal Fair and Powwow held in Ignacio, Colorado. The subsequent Drum Newspaper is equally impressive in content, as we run our largest edition of the year to press.

Published online and in print, the Southern Ute Drum Newspaper can be checked out HERE!


4 thoughts on “Southern Ute Tribal Fair & Powwow!

  1. MK, Thanks amigo…I am putting in some serious hours behind the lens these days! Feels good, and I think this image is a great example of artistic intent- the shots that as you know require; thought, patience, some sense of vision and a little bit of luck!! I look forward to seeing more of your project as it develops on the C&O story.Cheers!


  2. Kayla, Thank you. If you do a google search for the Southern Ute Drum Newspaper you can search the archives online and there you will find the work that we published for each of our Powwows and also those that we covered for the newspaper over the last year.Keep checking back on this site as well! Cheers, Jeremy


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