A World of Photographs.

Photograph © Earl Dotter 2009.

Photojournalist Earl Dotter paid a visit to the Southern Ute Drum production room following our lead story on the Solix Biofuels dedication which took place here on the Southern Ute Reservation.

Earl has led a dedicated career in photojournalism with an emphasis on labor issues and I strongly encourage you visit his website EarlDotter.com to see his work firsthand and learn more about his direction as a journalist.
In line with his current project, Earl made a portrait of yours truly, holding our Solix cover story- Hot off the Press! The background images you might recognize as being the works of Chris Johns and David Alan Harvey clipped from the National Geographic Magazine and pinned up as a source of visual inspiration!
Where does your own inspiration come from? Do you find yourself looking to other photographers, painters to fuel your creative journey, or do set out to create entirely original work, unbiased and unaffected, or is this even possible in a world flooded with imagery?
And if so, which photographers have been influential to you, your style, your direction? Who inspires you!
Here’s to Earl and here’s to Inspiration!

Cheers, Jeremy


2 thoughts on “A World of Photographs.

  1. You probably already know this about me but… Abell, Allard, Harvey. It's also pretty easy for me to be inspired every time I walk out the door. There's just so much out there.Talking with fellow photogs. Sharing ideas, images. Experimenting with new techniques, equipment.Simply put, photography inspires!


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