Three Parts Cider : One Part Jack Daniels.

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2009. All Rights Reserved.

The end of a season is marked here by an annual event, an old fashioned apple cider pressing at the Farley’s house in Durango, Colorado.

Apples are washed & pressed, assorted jugs are filled, and drinks are poured well into the evening.

The Apple Jack recipe is simple; A healthy serving of fresh squeezed apple juice blended with Jack Daniels whisky to your liking! You can think of the three to one ratio as more of a guideline!

Quality checking his product is none other than Buck Farley seen here sporting a Stetson for good measure…

Check out last season’s post right HERE to get the full experience and get your name on the list for 2010!

Cheers, Jeremy


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