The Photographic Community.

Location has played it’s own role in the momentum and success of many young photographers in the last century. Paris was for many years, home to a community of artists, writers and photographers to the point of cliche. The same sorts of communities still exist here in the United States, and perhaps most significantly in the cities where publishing makes it’s home, New York and DC attracting the die hard journalist.

As we roll over into the year 2010, any one in the publishing biz can assure you that the Internet has become the driving force of media and subsequently opened the community of publishers, writers and photographers to connect on a global scale. To put it more directly, one can conduct business, publish work and communicate from home or cafe across the most distant regions of the world around the clock.

So the question I would like put forth is this, does the photographic community still exist? What examples can you give? Can communities of photographers, and the like minded, still full fill the same purpose if taken to cyberspace?

Your comments, your thoughts…..

David Alan Harvey’s online journal for emerging photographers, launched last year, has become much, much more than just a magazine, but rather a community of artistic intellect spanning the globe, and if you pay a visit you will find that Burn never sleeps!

I welcome and encourage your input on the subject! Jeremy

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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