Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2010.

I look back at this image and consider much as I reminisce about my time in the so called underdeveloped countries of our world. The pace is slower, the day to day survival has a very tangible value, and while there are many worries, there is without question less stress.

I have devoted my weekend to looking back into the archive, and that journey has taken me into Lesotho, looking back on so many of the adventures I have had there, the love of culture and those who shared it with me.

This image evokes so much of that in a way that I find surreal and equally calming. Do you look back at an assignment, or through personal photographs and often find something that has taken on a new meaning, importance to you…but only after the passing of time?

Such is the nature and beauty of imagery, the love of people and places which have passed out of our lives, but not our memories.

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