Jerry Courvoisier: Lightroom Intensive.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2010.

This is Jerry. Jerry is an Adobe guru. I just spent the last three days in an Adobe Lightroom Intensive workshop covering the digital workflow process necessary in todays professional world of image making. With all of the advantages of shooting digitally come the complexities of staying organized, efficient and most importantly productive.

Jerry has the answers. The tool is Adobe’s latest version of Lightroom, complete with everything a photojournalist would need to take images from capture to print. With the pending release of Lightroom3, this photo management software will certainly prove to be faster and more robust than ever. Test drive current the version of Lightroom (2.6) by simply visiting Abode Labs– free and easy downloads are available.

Santa Fe Workshops hosted this weeks Lightroom Intensive. This well paced course took the process from start to finish with plenty of room for questions and one-on-one dialogue with the instructors on hand. Jerry has venues scheduled across North America, Australia, and the UK. Visit for more details. Or simply pick up the latest text on the subject, Lessons in DSLR Workflow, written by Jerry himself.

Cover Image © Jerry Courvoisier

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