Life’s Greatest Journey.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2010.

It was almost a year ago, last spring, that I asked Rachel to spend her life with me. The water at our toes, wind in our face, it was spring at last. We stood there on the edge of Lake Vallecito, free from the world, hearts and minds open to the future. It was a wonderful feeling that existed that day, it filled my mind, running through my soul- then and there I seemed to understand beauty and purpose in the same breath. It was contentment.

It was then that I asked Rachel to marry me, against the brisk breeze of early spring, to share in my adventures and I in hers…to not only see the world together, but to breathe in life and all that it is.

Eddy understood the moment, four legs and a pure soul, he stood below us and let the wind take his ears back. I too let the wind take me.

Let us celebrate in the very thing that binds us, and that is friendship, understanding, and above all- Respect!

In less than two weeks, we toast to our union amongst friends and family here in the valleys of Colorado, and from there travel south to Guatemala. Only then, beneath the shadow of volcanos and time itself that we will consummate our union.

We will speak our vows and set forth into our new lives with but a few witnesses and each other to remember the details. Remembering the moment will not outweigh our hopes for the future, and it is ahead that we will take our first steps together!

Peace be with you. Jeremy

Shooting on the Sidelines.

Photograph Jeremy Wade Shockley/SU DRUM

Many of my favorite photographs are often shot on the fringe of an event, often showing the reader the story in a different light. Rodeos, Powwows, political rallies, and sporting events. These are events that are often covered from the standpoint of what they are, taken and interpreted very literally.

Events almost always have a second life right on the fringe, and that is where I often find the most interesting photographs and subjects to really tell the story through images as it has perhaps not so often been told. This image of a small dog guarding a van outside the Powwow arena is the perfect example of another way to photograph an annual Powwow celebration.

The full photo essay and annual Southern Ute Bear Dance events are posted online in this weeks Southern Ute Drum Newspaper.

Enjoy the images….Jeremy

The Streets of Philadelphia.

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2010.

Respite. At home in my office, first time in many days. The trip to Philadelphia was long and short all at the same time. I kept myself busy. I was at Rachel’s side as she needed, and off exploring my surroundings as she slept – valuable time to gain perspective.

Back West the seasons have changed, summer has arrived and with it the warm mornings and cool evenings. Early mornings my favorite. I came home to a full schedule at the newspaper and plenty of hours to log in behind the lens, good things, Bear Dance, Powwow – Spring Celebrations.

Today I slept in, worked hard around the house, and can only now sit down – clean desk, bare feet and a mind that is at ease. It’s good to be home.