Shooting on the Sidelines.

Photograph Jeremy Wade Shockley/SU DRUM

Many of my favorite photographs are often shot on the fringe of an event, often showing the reader the story in a different light. Rodeos, Powwows, political rallies, and sporting events. These are events that are often covered from the standpoint of what they are, taken and interpreted very literally.

Events almost always have a second life right on the fringe, and that is where I often find the most interesting photographs and subjects to really tell the story through images as it has perhaps not so often been told. This image of a small dog guarding a van outside the Powwow arena is the perfect example of another way to photograph an annual Powwow celebration.

The full photo essay and annual Southern Ute Bear Dance events are posted online in this weeks Southern Ute Drum Newspaper.

Enjoy the images….Jeremy


2 thoughts on “Shooting on the Sidelines.

  1. Jeremy,I'm thankful for all of the photos you've taken over the years. They inspire me as a young photographer to travel around the world as you have and explore many places I only dreamt of going.There are so many opportunities out there that people don't notice and it passes right by them.But you, you have captured every special moment on all of your exotic trips you've taken.I'm grateful to be looking up to someone as you.From small to big, I know you will grow to be a bigger success then you ever thought you would be.Thank You


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