Cultural Rendezvous in Cascade Canyon.

Photographs Jeremy Wade Shockley/SU DRUM

The above images are selected from Southern Ute Drum coverage of the Second Annual Heritage Train, now available to view online. Leading off the front page, this story captures both the majesty of the natural environment and the historical railcars, while also bringing the reader in closer for an intimate look at the cultural side of this unique and beautiful event through words and imagery.

View full article and photographs as published HERE.

Cheers, Jeremy

4 thoughts on “Cultural Rendezvous in Cascade Canyon.

  1. I really enjoy looking at the photos you've taken on the Durango/Silverton Railroad train! I've been on the train twice and from the photos you have taken remind me so much of it. I'm a young photographer originally from Louisiana and I go up there once every 2 years so it's always good to see some amazing photos of the beautiful Colorado mountians.Can I ask what kind of camera you use?-Hayley


  2. Hayley…Sorry for not getting back to you sooner..I just finished our reception celebrations and am packing for Guatemala as we speak. I wanted to recommend picking up a ticket for the "fall season" Photography train and yes, next years Heritage train…both are unique opportunities for any photographer/photojournalist! I am a minimalist, and often a purest when it comes to gear, I also covet simplicity over all other aspects of photography- therefor I shoot a Nikon D90, often with but one or two fixed lenses (prime lenses, 20, 28, 35, 50), these are all light weight, compact, affordable and most importantly …sufficient!Best of luck in your pursuits of this fine craft, please feel free to email me, or post any comments/questions here, always open to conversations- Best. Jeremy


  3. Jeremy,Sorry for not getting back earlier I recently had to go up to British Columbia to visit family. Guatemala is such a beautiful place, I never been but always heard it was great.But i use the exact same camera, a Nikon D90, I think it's one of the best camera out there but sometimes I use the old time camera which you have to develop the film strip(:I hope you and your wife have a great time down in Central America!I cant wait to see great pictures from your journey!Hope to hear from you soon.-Hayley


  4. Oi,JEREMY sou brasileiro e adoro ver suas fotos no blogger sao muitos belas,meus sonho era ser fotografo fico muito feliz quando vejo suas fotos, se voce vier para o brasil voce vai tirar belas fotos aqui, belas paisagens e um povo maravilhoso e hospitaleiro varias cidades e uma variedade cultural muito grandenao deixe de visitar as cidades do estado das Minas Gerais que e maravilhoso. ABRAÇOS.


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