The Classic.

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2010.

In juxtaposition to the previous post, I went back and pulled some of the classic images from Tikal, the shots we have all seen, the ones that gives us a sense of familiarity. Every famous site in the world has a number of these angles, the all in compassing view of the Tetons. From the Taj Majal to that one spot overlooking Mesa Verde’s Cliff Palace, photographers will follow each others very steps for years to come- and in the footsteps of those before us.

Equipment changes, so do styles and mediums. Occasionally the site itself is altered over time. In my three visits to Tikal over a span of 25 years, access has become more restricted with each encounter, stairs I used to climb are sectioned off, viewpoints no longer exist, and new sites are excavated, restored and made public all at the same time.

I find that the first shots I take are the obvious ones, the ones tested by time, adding a touch of my own style and vision. Quickly moving on to seek the less seldom travelled road. It is on that road that I am able to create images such as those I posted previously. Images that I hope will give viewers a new perspective and create interest in an oft visited subject.

Easier said than done. Hard work will always lay ahead for those who seek to create anew!

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