On Assignment.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2010.

In 2007 I returned to The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, working on an assignment for Worldview Magazine as a freelance photographer, writer and ex-Peace Corps Volunteer in the country of Lesotho. The images posted here are taken almost simultaneously.

Not very often is the photojournalist put behind the lens, but my traveling companion, a young Israeli woman named Tamar Banai captured the moment as I worked the camera around a card game.

We were photographing condom distribution in the highlands of Lesotho, when I chanced upon this group of young guys gambling outside of a small shop, which happened to be a distribution point for Trust Brand condoms. And so each story unravels spontaneously!

Enjoy the images! Cheers, Jeremy

Photo Credit: Tamar Banai


3 thoughts on “On Assignment.

  1. Very cool! Don't think I've seen these before. Are you still in touch with the other photog? Were the young men open to the idea of being photographed or did you really have to sell the idea? Curious how that worked for you.


  2. MK, We kept in touch for a bit, as for the Basotho men- they just kept playing cards. We made small talk, a few jokes of course. I can't recall the specifics. Certainly an easy going crowd.Knowing the language has always been an asset in any country I've worked, but particularly true of Lesotho. A few phrases spoken well will inevitably open the opportunity to more intimate moments, camera or no camera!Hope I didn't inundate you with LightRoom3 links….Cheers, Jeremy


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