Making Friends.

Travel photography is about relationships. Much of photography is. This of course is my opinon-others will certainly differ. The cliche travel photograph seems to be fraught with motion blur, as figures weave in and out of picturesque landscapes and popular restaurants. While the timeless images of our century are intimate portraits of people, their culture. The landscape is merely an environment, and the emotion of your subject will go well beyond the exotic nature of place.

I only say this in an effort to open conversation. Conversation perhaps being the most important tool you can equip yourself with as you travel foreign lands, and distant places with camera in hand. If you are open to the people and accepting of the culture, all doors will open eventually. This sort of intimacy is what separates the true traveller, and the most experienced photojournalist from the rest of the camera wilding tourist who most likely pack the very same guidebooks as you. Take your time, open yourself up, and explore. Making friends is the key to great travel images, and certainly the thing that will bring you back to same community for years to come.

Enjoy your travels-both near and abroad! Cheers, Jeremy

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2010.


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