Garden of the Gods.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.

At times one is better turning the lens on tourists to better illustrate the scene at some of our more popular destinations, such was the case this afternoon as I made a quick visit to Garden of the Gods, state park. Often the people add another layer of interest, or in this case a sense of scale…

Best, Jeremy

On Assignment: Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.

Seeking the American Dream – Fort Lauderdale Beach

Text & Photographs by Jeremy Wade Shockley

Foreign visitors, American tourist, students and local residents all seek to full fill an ideal long established with the American vision of surf and sand. A classic image of fitness, relaxation, and lifestyle all blend together as each individual pursues their personal role, seeking their own dream in the Florida surf, set against aging palms and retro architecture, established in a past era, the dream continues on.

Ed Richardson works for a contract company paid by the city of Fort Lauderdale, setting up shade structures. Richardson is a Florida local. College students work for NOVA patrolling the beach, interning with an organization that helps facilitate the protection of nesting turtles along the populated coastline. Two young girls take a break from schoolwork and their neighboring community to catch a tan on the city beach – a favorite among local youth. Bob Amis scours the ocean floor for lost treasure during an annual vacation from his Midwestern home state of Oklahoma. “I helped find a man’s gold wedding band yesterday, he said, “ I always try to return things I find to their owners”. Weekend mornings are filled with the sounds of heckling on a seaside basketball court, the players come together weekly to compete. A group of Colombian women celebrate a birthday on the beach with friends and family. A friendly atmosphere, and an eclectic mix of cultural diversity proves that the idyllic beach still has the alluring power of if origins, which are now only visible in the aging coastline. Life fills the scene.

EXPOSURE – A Steve McCurry Juried Exhibit.

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011. All Rights Reserved.

I have posted a number of photos here, Images that I put in for submission in this year’s juried show at the Open Shutter – esteemed guest juror – Steve McCurry.

The deadline for submission has come and gone, but each year this prestigious exhibition draws high quality work to the warm brick walls of Durango’s finest photography venue!

Enjoy the photos…Jeremy

NAJA Awards.

Photograph Jeremy Wade Shockley/The Southern Ute Drum

The Southern Ute Drum will be bringing home at least four “First Place” awards from this year’s Native American Journalism Association – media awards banquet. The week long conference will be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida culminating with the awards ceremony on saturday evening.

Photos, first place: Jeremy Wade Shockley, for a Bear Dance photo of a little girl with a blue and white umbrella

News stories, first place: Ace Stryker, for “Legislators Withdraw Proposal to Cut Native Scholarships at FLC”

Best layout among biweekly and monthly papers (for Robert Ortiz’s work)

The highest award of all, General Excellence!

Our paper is run with a very small, but equally dedicated staff. Each with their own vision, backed by hard work and determination. The outcome is a tribal newspaper that continues to hold its own across Indian Country.

Best, Jeremy