Bikers, Bulls & Brews…

Jeremy Wade Shockley/The Southern Ute Drum

Working at a local newspaper, once can easily become accustomed to the ebb and flow of a year from the coverage that revolves as faithfully as a pendulum. The spring is ushered in with cultural events, big powwows and the ending of each summer with bike rally and tribal fair before the autumn colors show themselves with the coming of winter.

This shot is one of my favorites, the product of diligent shooting along the sidelines of the annual “Biker Bull Rodeo,” an event that encourages non professionals to loosen up at the beer tent, sign a waiver and try their luck with the local livestock. Action packed to say the least!

This image is selected from coverage in The Southern Ute Drum in the fall of 2009. One from the archive! Next weekend I’ll be back at it, always seeking another way to visually tell the story. Action lends itself to the event, for no two frames will ever be the same. Get creative, be patient, and the good things will happen!

Best, Jeremy

A Glimpse of Island Paradise.

Photograph © Steve Conney 2011.

I was recently hired to help edit a friends work, travels as far reaching as Europe to our home state of Colorado. It was this image of youthful pleasures against one of Hawaii’s magnificent waterfalls that really grabbed me. An image that reminded me just how full of life our world is, and how rare youthful moments can be.

I like this photo for so many reasons…so I decided to share it on Steve’s behalf!

The creator of this photograph is now on his way to Alaska to photograph Kodiak Bears, and I am sure will return with many more striking images at adventures end!

Cheers, Jeremy

Exposure Opens August 12 – Durango, Colorado.


Don’t miss Friday’s opening reception at the Open Shutter Gallery here in Durango, Colorado.

The Second Annual Juried Exhibition titled Exposure is sure to impress with selected works from national and international artist juried by Magnum photographer Steve McCurry!

Hope to see you there!

Best, Jeremy

Adventures in iPhone Technology.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.

I took, or rather in this case made, my first camera phone picture while waiting on an order of Phed Thai at my favorite local eatery, Sizzlin Siam. Siam is a real hole in the wall take out or eat in authentic Thai restaurant that never disappoints. The decor is as full of character, as the town of Durango itself.

My friend, photographer, Micheal Kircher recommended the Camera Bag app, which i used to create an aged feel to this basic image of a wall detail. Not bad for a phone. More importantly not bad for a camera that you always have with you – right!

Once I get the hang of it, I will try and post some more photo’s…in the meantime get out to your favorite restaurant, bar or outdoor hangout and make some pictures before the summer fades away!

Best, Jeremy