Stripping Away the Darkness…

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.

High ISO settings in todays digital cameras not only bring back unseen light, but have the ability to create an artistic approach unlike any thing else I have ever used. Long exposures on a tripod could create such effects if your subject was unmoving, here I was able to walk the beach, in nearly complete darkness, and still frame up a few images using the lights of the skyline to set my manual focus…experiment, push the limits and you might surprise yourself!

Friends of Lesotho Fund Raiser: 2012 Mountain Kingdom Calendar.

I am pleased to announce the arrival of the 2012 Friends of Lesotho calendar, a fundraising project that I recently collaborated on as a returned Peace Corps volunteer from the country of Lesotho. Each year Friends of Lesotho, a non-profit, raises funds through the publication of an annual calendar sold by the organization.

The proceeds are used to support various projects in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho at a grass roots level. Lesotho (pronounced li-soo-too) is a relatively small country surrounded on all sides by South Africa. Being one of the most economically challenged countries in Africa, Lesotho can really benefit from small project assistance for education and economic development.

This year’s 2012 calendar, Lesotho: The Mountain Kingdom features some of my favorite images from travels throughout the ten districts, as well as intimate portraits and everyday scenes from the foothills of the Maluti Mountains where I was stationed from 2003-2005.

I encourage any one who is interested in purchasing one of these to contact Pete Neumann with Friends of Lesotho. The proceeds do not benefit myself or my company, but rather the non-profit and its development projects in the rural communities where many of these very same images were made. I have given the organization full use of these images for this project at absolutely no cost in an effort to give as much back to the Basotho people as I can at this time.

Beautiful calendar, good cause! Khotso-Pula-Nala.

Click on the IMAGE above for ordering details.

Best, Jeremy