Setting the Stage.

The only thing I love better than great light is a dynamic backdrop…such as this unexpected cement relic standing stream side in the forest near where Rachel grew up, now artfully reclaimed by the local youth.

After making a few nice portraits of Rachel and her niece, I handed the camera off and stepped into the scene.
Nice light, nice moment. Perfect setting. Happy holidays!

Finishing the Season.

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.
In a long standing family tradition I harvested a wild elk from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near my home in Colorado.
Accompanied by my family and friends, we each set out to experience the land under our feet, drawing on tracking skills learned long ago and physical stamina just beyond our grasp. The terrain unforgiving and more so each year as the burnt stags fall to the earth feeding the saplings that now choke our way.
The photographs have represented my experience each year, recorded what my overloaded sensory perception could only interpret as a now distant idea. A burnt landscape in its natural flux. The images here are representative of each of us. The season ends, as surly as another will begin.
The Fourth Season essay is now in its 7th consecutive year as a photographic project, a personal essay of sorts. I have been following elk at the heels of my grandfather for many more years then I have been a photographer.
David Alan Harvey once put forth the question, when is an essay truly finished? I ask myself this as I head into the woods each year, inevitably seeking that which is new, that which is unique.
That said, perhaps nothing close to the heart is ever finished!
Enjoy the images, Jeremy

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.

Love in the Lion’s Den: Part I

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.
Colin and I have known each other since our early teens, forging new mountain bike trails in the hills outside of Durango, Colorado and exploring the limitless single track that was already intact. In those carefree years, I never could have foreseen that I would be shooting my friends wedding almost two decades later.
The pleasure was mine.
Set against the San Juan Mountains on a warm autumn day, we had fun with the formal portraits before the ceremony which took place in the famous Durango local, perched on the edge of the mesa – better known as the Lion’s Den. Hewn of sandstone, graceful arches and aging beams make this a ideal setting for any event. Tricia and Colin added the extra touches that made this ceremony beautiful from start to finish!
Here is the best to our friends as they embark on the next adventure…
Best, Jeremy

Portland at a Glance.

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.
Traveling to Portland, Oregon for the annual gathering of members for the National Congress of American Indian seems a bit surreal in retrospect. A metropolitan area, sleepy yet vibrant, perpetually wet, and clinging on to a gray autumn. All this in contrast to the ever blue skies of Colorado.
My trip was brief, and my photographs are simply a glimpse into the neighborhoods that I passed through in route to my destination…One train ride led me into town, less than 24 hours later another was bound for home.
Enjoy the imagery. Jeremy