Biker Bull Riding on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation.

Photograph Jeremy Wade Shockley/The Southern Ute Drum

Ignacio, Colorado. 
In the annual festivities that surround Ignacio’s Bike Week motorcycle rally, those with the courage join the bull in the pin for eight seconds of glory. Biker Bull riding as it is dubbed, takes non professional bull riders and gives them a taste of pain, or victory depending on the temperament of the animal, and the skill of the rider. 

In a few hours time I will be once again photographing the action…Nikon in hand!

USA Pro Cycle Challenge. Durango, Colorado.

Photographs Jeremy Wade Shockley/The Southern Ute Drum

Durango hosted the first stage of the 2012 USA Pro Challenge, hailed as one of the largest cycling events in North America, on Monday, Aug. 20. The race will take riders through the Rockies and into the state capital. 

Visit The Southern Ute Drum online for full photo coverage of the race start including vibrant images of the Southern Ute heritage dancers giving a cultural performance before race spectators in the heart of Durango. 

Instagram Highlights.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2012.

 Taking to the road for assignments and travel, the iPhone has proven itself to be the most spontaneous camera I have ever wielded…no longer do I contemplate a picture, rather I make it on the spot. The results have been a visual dialogue of my journey woven throughout my professional work. Shared almost immediately with the robust online community that is Instagram. Self publishing at its best!

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2012.