Lumix GX1: A night at the movies

Sharing some new work here, documenting the Drive-In movie theater and it’s role in the American landscape. Small town nostalgia, Americana at heart. 

The Comanche Drive-In Theater is one of seven vintage theaters in the state of Colorado. Owned and operated by the Groy family in Buena Vista, Colorado, The Comanche has been in operation off and on for the past 47 years. The Groys still project their films on traditional 35mm Simplex Projectors using a carbon arc lamphouse. The family purchased the 1950’s equipment from a theater in Montrose, Colorado and opened for business in 1966. 

Four generations of the Groy family have helped to shape this nostalgic experience, operating the drive-in cinema in the small Colorado mountain town through the years.

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Enjoy! Jeremy

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Lumix GX1: First Frames

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2013. All rights reserved.

As I wrap my hand around the leather case that fits snugly across the grip of the Lumix GX1, I can feel the immediate appeal that this small camera has to offer!

The well regarded successor to the classic GF1, which launched Panasonic’s compact camera line just a few years ago, boosts a more professional build along with higher quality image files.

The range finder style camera, paired neatly with the Lumix 20mm pancake lens, a superb piece of glass that shoots fast at F1.7, renders most shots beautifully in low light. No flash necessary.

The compact lens also produces wonderful Bokah.

If you need fill light, the built in pop up flash is more than adequate and can produce some excellent motion blur under the right conditions, particularly nice for panning once dialed back to a lower setting.

I absolutely had a blast this weekend, shooting some candid images of my grandparents at their home in New Mexico. Everyone was completely at ease behind the lens!

While there are many compact camera options available from Fuji and Nikon, for the price this is an excellent camera, and a wonderful addition to my workflow as a photojournalist.

This is is truly a street photographer’s camera.

The Lumix GX1 strikes a perfect balance between full frame DSLR and iPhone photography! Stylish and elegant, this camera is loaded with professional features!

It’s a real pleasure to use if I might say so myself!

Stay tuned…

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2013. All rights reserved.