Recent Associated Press assignment featured: New Mexico stocks native fish in Rio Grande

_DSC3371 Jeremy Wade Shockley/ASSOCIATED PRESS

On assignment for the Associated Press, volunteers helped New Mexico Game & Fish pack Rio Grande cutthroat trout down the 800 foot descent to release fingerlings into their natural habitat. La Junta Trail, Rio Grande Gorge.

Read the full story:  Washington Times article

_DSC5350_DSC5240 Jeremy Wade Shockley/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Traveling Light: Street Photography Kit


This is the first post of a series, hopefully providing some ideas or insight into my workflow as a journalist, street photographer and world traveler! From walking around major U.S. cities at night, or exploring the cobblestones streets of Central America, this kit is a favorite of mine.

When shooting a Nikon DSLR camera, I simply add on a favorite lightweight prime lens to a D7000 body, often adding another lens to the messenger bag for variety. The 20/50mm is a favorite combo of mine, or for more reach try the 35/85mm combo. Each setup will yield excellent images on the go! The prime lenses are lighter, sharper and often have the fastest apertures for the money. Their compact size is also indiscreet, I find this attribute invaluable to my workflow.

These images portray a Panasonic Lumix GX1 Mirrorless camera system. These cameras provide much of the image quality and manual controls one would expect from a full size DSLR at half the size! The technology is changing rapidly, with a little research you will certainly find one to your liking! I recommend the Fuji x100s or the newer Lumix Gx7. If price is not your first concern, the Sony a7r and Fuji xTi are gaining popularity as real “workhorse” cameras for journalist and travel photographers alike. Solid build, light weight!

With this system I download my images to the laptop each night when on assignment, once duplicates are made, I clear the card and charge my batteries for the next day’s adventures!

Traveling light:

  • Custom Tailored Timbuk 2 Messenger Bag (Soft canvas, water resistant, low profile color scheme)
  • Removable (Black) Tenba insert provides padding and organizational dividers
  • Panasonic Lumix GX1 Mirrorless Camera System
  • 20mm F1.7 interchangeable Lumix Lens (Excels in low light situations, fast autofocus)
  • Cordless Charger, Extra Lumix battery
  • Metal Lens hood provides protection from the elements
  • 128 GB LEXAR Brand Professional SD Card (No need to carry extra memory cards)
  • Leather half case provides extra protection to the camera, adding additional grip when shooting
  • ASMP MEDIA Badge – just in case!
  • Small Notepad, (2) Ink Pens, Business Cards, Mini keychain style Maglite (Not Shown in Photo)
  • Perhaps most importantly, iPhone 5 – covert camera for Instagram posts, social media hub.

Signed on as Aurora Photos Contributor going into 2014…

Signed on as Aurora Photos Contributor going into 2014...Photograph @ Jeremy Wade Shockley 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Very pleased to announce that I recently signed on with Aurora Photos, one of the world’s leading stock photography agencies. An opportunity that will help to drive and publish my work from across the American West as well as providing exposure for new projects as they develop.

The above image was made on the coast of South Africa in 2007, en route to my assignment in neighboring Lesotho. One of the great pleasures in life comes from discovering old images anew as we revisit our own “photographic lives” through the images archives…

Visit Aurora’s extensive image collection at to see more!

Stay tuned…