Friends and Art…

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2013. 

I recently pulled a number of images for the Open Shutter Gallery’s themed exhibition, Shadow. Ultimately using a set of images taken with high contrast Black & white film during my years in Africa. Never-the-less this image was set aside for its complexity, strong shadows, and the intimacy that I personally fell this photograph evokes.

The picture was taken a few days prior to my wedding in Guatemala, while traveling with close friends in the colonial tourist town of Antigua. We ordered cafes at a new “western” style bistro off the main plaza, just to escape the heat more than anything I suppose. Looking back at the La Ruta Maya essay, I feel this picture is representative of another culture, the culture of tourism which is alive and well throughout Central America and Guatemala.

To me this is very personal image of close friends, a memory of a moment that was, ultimately a frame from many frames – bringing me back to one of the best trips of my younger life.

Spotlight on Galleries: La Ruta Maya

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.

Images from my third and most recent trip to Guatemala are available in a recently published Gallery: La Ruta Maya I

These images span travels throughout the Lake Atitlan region and the colonial city of Antigua.

Click HERE to enter the photo gallery! …keep checking back! Adventures in Coban and Tikal are soon to be posted.

Regards, Jeremy

Guatemala: First Frames.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2010.

We touched down in Guatemala City yesterday afternoon, the hectic schedule of the past few weeks behind us. Antigua, a small colonial town, would be our gateway to greater adventure. We checked into a small room with open courtyards and headed out into the rain to get our feet on the ground and breath in the thick air of Central America, washing our long travels away with an ice cold Moza…..this trip has been a long time coming!

I am not here on assignment, I am not pursuing a project of any significance, but rather exploring a country with open eyes. Rachel and I will share our vows here on the edge of Lake Atitlan, in the company of my very close friend and companion Patrick Dobbins, and his beautiful wife Amalia!

Together we will soak up the culture of this wonderful country in the next few weeks!

I will not post often, but I will be shooting. Internet will be scarce, and I will not go to any great measures to seek it out. Our time here will be memorable-a once in a lifetime trip for so many reasons…and one that I am already easily sliding into…with this post I am setting out to find homemade tortillas and refried beans, a tall glass of juice and peace of mind.


Photograph © Patrick Dobbins 2010.

Caught on Film….an image taken by Patrick as we sipped on Guatemalan coffee this afternoon. Patrick’s choice of camera for this adventure – Panasonic GF1 with the compact 20mm prime lens, which makes for an excellent travel camera.

….Stay tuned.