Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum.

Jeremy Wade Shockley/The Southern Ute Drum

Visit the official website for the soon to be dedicated Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum in Ignacio, Colorado.

The website can be found HERE.

The Southern Ute Drum has played a significant role in the contribution of editorial images for use on the website, and many more which will be on display in the museums permanent gallery when it opens the door to its state of the art facility this spring!

Best, Jeremy

Postcards in RAW…

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.

Arriving in Denver today I promptly checked into my room and slept through the afternoon, tired from travel. The cold bitter wind was sharp and unforgiving as I ventured out before sunset, settling into a book store for coffee, in an effort to warm myself.

Travel for me is about exploration, it’s about seeing my surroundings with fresh eyes, and occasionally, indulging in solitude. Voyeurism and self reflection…street photography at its best.
The cold afternoon, was quickly giving way to an even colder night and the last of the storm clouds settled on the horizon. I turned my lens to the architecture of my urban surroundings in the last moments of the day.

Here’s my postcard to you… Best, Jeremy


Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2010.

Spending a few nights in Denver afforded me the opportunity for some street photography along the 16Th Street Mall and Lodo District.

Living in rural Colorado, I find myself immediately attracted to the cityscape and all the elements that visually define an urban area: rich colors, neon lights, elegant buildings, and yes even the emptiness of great paved spaces and dark alleys. The bars and restaurants draw me in and eventually my senses calm down and as I return to the street, my lens comes back around to focus on the people of this urban landscape and the lives that they live…so different from my own.

I shot these images on my first night out, somewhere between a warm craft of Saki and the comfort of my room at the Brown Palace- using only a 20mm prime lens-ideal for street photography.

Do you find it easiest to shoot images when you first set eyes on a place, while the surrounding environment is still visually arousing all of your senses? A frame by frame visual exploration-documenting with every click of the shutter, unsure whether any of it will ever appear quite the same again.