Adventures in iPhone Technology.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.

I took, or rather in this case made, my first camera phone picture while waiting on an order of Phed Thai at my favorite local eatery, Sizzlin Siam. Siam is a real hole in the wall take out or eat in authentic Thai restaurant that never disappoints. The decor is as full of character, as the town of Durango itself.

My friend, photographer, Micheal Kircher recommended the Camera Bag app, which i used to create an aged feel to this basic image of a wall detail. Not bad for a phone. More importantly not bad for a camera that you always have with you – right!

Once I get the hang of it, I will try and post some more photo’s…in the meantime get out to your favorite restaurant, bar or outdoor hangout and make some pictures before the summer fades away!

Best, Jeremy

The Photographic Book.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.

The photographic book is perhaps one of the finest venues for a solid body of work, the product of a long term project, or one’s life work.


I have stacks of National Geographic magazines loitering around the house, as well as books from my youth, read, reread lining the wooden shelves of my mountain home. Some novels remain unopened- awaiting a quieter time in my life. There is perhaps no such time in the foreseeable future… A deeper passion is my love of images, and the books that exemplify that visual journey – a collection that will see no end in this lifetime!

Some of my absolute favorites are pictured here, mostly image collections, but the artistic visions of photographers; Abell, Stanfield, Kashi, Allard, and Harvey are represented by their respective published works. To soak up a collection of photographic work is an education in itself…may the tea kettle often whistle!