Finishing the Season.

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.
In a long standing family tradition I harvested a wild elk from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near my home in Colorado.
Accompanied by my family and friends, we each set out to experience the land under our feet, drawing on tracking skills learned long ago and physical stamina just beyond our grasp. The terrain unforgiving and more so each year as the burnt stags fall to the earth feeding the saplings that now choke our way.
The photographs have represented my experience each year, recorded what my overloaded sensory perception could only interpret as a now distant idea. A burnt landscape in its natural flux. The images here are representative of each of us. The season ends, as surly as another will begin.
The Fourth Season essay is now in its 7th consecutive year as a photographic project, a personal essay of sorts. I have been following elk at the heels of my grandfather for many more years then I have been a photographer.
David Alan Harvey once put forth the question, when is an essay truly finished? I ask myself this as I head into the woods each year, inevitably seeking that which is new, that which is unique.
That said, perhaps nothing close to the heart is ever finished!
Enjoy the images, Jeremy

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.

Burning Daylight…

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Post Hard Core: Burning Daylight brings down the house at Gator’s Lounge en route to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Check out the sounds of Burning Daylight and thier latest studio album, Knife Fight Ethic right HERE!

Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Part II

Photograph © Ben J. Shockley 2008.

This photograph was taken by my cousin Ben Shockley shortly after I had traded my Nikon for Corona and camp stove. I enjoy the feeling of this image that is very “Surreal”. Ben shot this image off a tripod, and the extra long exposure not only added the motion but also the vibrant colors that in my mind really make this image stand out! Ben’s use of our headlamps and a strong firelight also added to the success of the image. Be sure to keep an eye on Ben’s Work as he continues to develop his photographic style.

Ben’s photojournalism blog is linked HERE

Cheers, Jeremy