Swift Eagle

Photographs Jeremy Wade Shockley/SU DRUM

Featherweight Boxing champion Thaddine Swift Eagle-Johnson recently won a title bout against Japan’s Amie Iawaski, bringing the Women’s Professional Boxing Association Intercontinental Featherweight belt home to Durango, Colorado.

I was fortunate enough to meet with Thaddine here in Ignacio, Colorado at the Sun Ute training facility for a brief interview and photo essay for the Drum Newspaper. It was pleasure to be able to work with Thaddine before and during her training session. I hope these photographs express her humble persona as well as the strength and dedication she shows as a fighter!

Thaddine is also an artist; with an interest in both painting and photography. Working together to create this photo essay was a real pleasure for me, Thaddine understood my creative intentions, my angles, and my dedication to “getting” the shot. It was a ballet of sorts, her persona as a “fighter” and my role as the journalist.

Do you ever find yourself shooting other photographers; perhaps on assignment, at a workshop, or while kicking back some cold beers with camera in hand? Do you find other photographers at ease to being the subject of your own photographs, or rather elusive?

Of course this is a case by case example, but I welcome your thoughts any way!

THE SOUTHERN UTE DRUM NEWSPAPER write up on Thaddine Swift Eagle can be read HERE on the back page.