Lumix GX1: A night at the movies

Sharing some new work here, documenting the Drive-In movie theater and it’s role in the American landscape. Small town nostalgia, Americana at heart. 

The Comanche Drive-In Theater is one of seven vintage theaters in the state of Colorado. Owned and operated by the Groy family in Buena Vista, Colorado, The Comanche has been in operation off and on for the past 47 years. The Groys still project their films on traditional 35mm Simplex Projectors using a carbon arc lamphouse. The family purchased the 1950’s equipment from a theater in Montrose, Colorado and opened for business in 1966. 

Four generations of the Groy family have helped to shape this nostalgic experience, operating the drive-in cinema in the small Colorado mountain town through the years.

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Enjoy! Jeremy

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Setting the Stage.

The only thing I love better than great light is a dynamic backdrop…such as this unexpected cement relic standing stream side in the forest near where Rachel grew up, now artfully reclaimed by the local youth.

After making a few nice portraits of Rachel and her niece, I handed the camera off and stepped into the scene.
Nice light, nice moment. Perfect setting. Happy holidays!

Four Mile.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2009.

In an effort to get out of the house and soak up some sunshine, I found myself photographing some friends bouldering outside of Buena Vista over the weekend. Whenever I am somewhere new, different I am almost instinctively drawn to explore the surrounding landscape, be it urban or natural.

The trademark of any good journalist I suppose would be curiosity followed by dedicated observation. I had only moments to spend with Chad and his climbing crew before heading back into town, but this single image of ritual preparation for the climb summed up that afternoon amongst friends. The white chalk takes the sweat and slip out of the climbers hands thus enabling a better grip on the steep and often treacherous rock face.

Images from the Forth Season are still being edited and should post soon!

Cheers, Jeremy