Nectar of the Highlands.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2010.

In my travels, it is who I will meet that will define the trip, far more than the scenery, or other sensory experiences. Life is after all about humanity, and our relationships that bind.

While spending a few days at Casa De Acuna in the Colonial City of Coban, my traveling companions and I had the fortunate opportunity to meet the owners of our beautiful accommodations. Within a few short minutes we were invited to their home, along with a full tour of the orchid gardens less than an hour from the city.

The bi-product of the farm and its surrounding forests was a selection of rare and exotic honey vials. Raw unfiltered honey of the broadest variety, selected from sting less bees, and produced from the orchids themselves, and surrounding wildflowers. Sampled from wine bottles, this precious honey was full of flavors just as distinct as the varieties of expensive wine that might have previously occupied those very same bottles.

Seize the day…along with the opportunities that present themselves!

Cheers, Jeremy