Knight Moves.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2010.

The 16Th Street Mall in Denver Colorado has come along way from the downtown Denver I grew up knowing. Public transit, pedestrian mall, classy restaurants, taverns and yes…..Chess sets- all have replaced the gritty downtown of old! There is a public space dedicated to playing chess, stone tables with built in timers, surprisingly almost always in use. Here you will find a mix office workers, drifters and foreigners watching, waiting and playing each other in chess.

This is a unique success story for urban design, especially of public spaces…when drawn plans are laid in stone a community is set in motion, if all goes well…unfortunately some perfectly implemented public spaces remain unused throughout our American cities and towns.

As a photographer do you gravitate towards public spaces to meet strangers– to build short but instant relationships, ultimately coming away with intimate photographs you may not have anticipated?

Your thoughts, comments? – Jeremy