Durango Rallies for Obama!

Democrates from La Plata County rally in support of Senator Barak Obama in response to McCain’s arrival in Durango , Colorado on Friday, Oct.24th. A handful of “anarchist” made a showing as well…

Perhaps what intrigued me most with this essay was the energy and diversity of those showing support along main street on Friday afternoon. It is a beautiful thing to see people so involved, outspoken and determined to help set the course of our country’s near future! I found these people and this subject “open” to photography, do you find certain subjects lend themselves to the media and if so what has been the “drive ” behind that??

I think that in this case it is clearly the idea that these individuals of diverse background, mixed age and various creed have something to say….and rightly so, want their message to be heard… perhaps in the medium of a photograph!

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Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2008. All Rights Reserved.