Adventures in Photojournalism: Part I

David Alan Harvey capturing the heart & soul of Durango, Colorado
David, Brandon, Candy, Lauren, and Panos stand for a portrait in late afternoon light at the Lost Dog Tavern. Durango, Colorado.

Lauren & Candy. Lost Dog Tavern.

Lauren and Brandon Filming the action at the Durango train depot. 
Lauren and Brandon cut loose at Durango’s infamous Transvestite Ball during Halloween. 

David, Lauren & Brandon take a pause in the rail yard – Durango Train Depot.

Tech time at No Way Jose’s Cantina. Durango, Colorado.

The infamous Panos Skoulidas. Pre-gaming at the Lost Dog Tavern.

All Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2012. All Rights Reserved.  

David Alan Harvey’s latest project: Off For A Family Drive made it’s way to Durango, Colorado right smack dab in the middle of Halloween weekend, a holiday that this small Colorado town take’s very seriously!

Traveling accross the American West with David was Panos Skoulidas, Candy Pilar Godoy,  Lauren Martinez, and Brandon Li. While David was inherently compelled towards Durango to Celebrate his Mother’s 93rd Birthday…adventures on the town ensued. Unavoidable I would say, given the company at hand…myself included!

Enjoy the images…


David Alan Harvey on the streets of Durango.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2012.  All Rights Reserved.

David Alan Harvey photographing some of the local personalities outside of the Diamond Belle Saloon. An iconic cowboy bar attached to the historic Strater Hotel on Main Street, downtown Durango, Colorado.

A place I would normally be photographing the local culture, or ordering a stiff cocktail, but on this occasion I was photographing my long time mentor woking on his current project: Off for a Family Drive.

This moment stood out to me, as I witnessed David, in the zone, carefree and altogether enjoying himself!

USA Pro Cycle Challenge. Durango, Colorado.

Photographs Jeremy Wade Shockley/The Southern Ute Drum

Durango hosted the first stage of the 2012 USA Pro Challenge, hailed as one of the largest cycling events in North America, on Monday, Aug. 20. The race will take riders through the Rockies and into the state capital. 

Visit The Southern Ute Drum online for full photo coverage of the race start including vibrant images of the Southern Ute heritage dancers giving a cultural performance before race spectators in the heart of Durango. 

Snowdown revisited….

Almost every community has a celebration, a festival of sorts. In the relatively small mountain town of Durango, Colorado they call theirs Snowdown. A regular carnival of events lasting almost a week and culminating with a light parade and general festiveness…

Photographs Jeremy Wade Shockley/The Southern Ute Drum

Instagram: Snowdown Festivities, Light Parade, and Fire Dancers. Durango, Colorado.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2012.

In the heat of the moment…an Instagram from the field.
The iPhone is the tool for interpreting your immediate surroundings.
iPhone reportage.
Visit Instagram HERE.

Hangin’ with the Maestro: David Alan Harvey

Spending some quality time with David and his family over the New Year’s weekend. Coffee and conversation, ideas and directions, Grist for the mill, as David himself would say!
Student and teacher, another coffee for the road.
David Alan Harvey is the Editor of Burn Magazine and a member of MAGNUM.

Fresh Apples, Aged Whisky.

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.

Revisiting the last warm days of autumn, my friends Buck and Chelsea brought the community together for their annual apple cider press back in October of this year. Now if your looking for some good clean fun, this is it!
If you want to really enjoy yourself, just add whisky!

Love in the Lion’s Den: Part I

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.
Colin and I have known each other since our early teens, forging new mountain bike trails in the hills outside of Durango, Colorado and exploring the limitless single track that was already intact. In those carefree years, I never could have foreseen that I would be shooting my friends wedding almost two decades later.
The pleasure was mine.
Set against the San Juan Mountains on a warm autumn day, we had fun with the formal portraits before the ceremony which took place in the famous Durango local, perched on the edge of the mesa – better known as the Lion’s Den. Hewn of sandstone, graceful arches and aging beams make this a ideal setting for any event. Tricia and Colin added the extra touches that made this ceremony beautiful from start to finish!
Here is the best to our friends as they embark on the next adventure…
Best, Jeremy

Exposure Opens August 12 – Durango, Colorado.


Don’t miss Friday’s opening reception at the Open Shutter Gallery here in Durango, Colorado.

The Second Annual Juried Exhibition titled Exposure is sure to impress with selected works from national and international artist juried by Magnum photographer Steve McCurry!

Hope to see you there!

Best, Jeremy