Close to Home: A Portrait Piece

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2009.

Smoked Brisket, Horseshoes, Mountain Streams, Fly-Fishing, Country Air, Cold Tecate, Friends, Family, Dogs, Fresh Cut Watermelon, Cowboy Beans, Fireworks, Lakeshore, Nikon Cameras, Canon Cameras, Smoke, Laughter and Quite Moments- A Celebration of Independence.

I chose these images for their intimacy and the serenity I was able to capture during these candid moments. While each of the individuals knew I was shooting, I was careful to capture moments of conversation, or the subtle rehearsed action of smoking, thereby drawing the attention away from my lens. The exception might be an above image of Garrett shot following a brief rain storm, where I asked my subject to “hold up” for a picture, the rest came naturally!

Final Edit.

Garrett Ross in the spotlight….

Independence Day over Silverton, Colorado.

Forgetting about photography is almost an impossibility for me. Rather than joining the party in Silverton, Colorado last weekend Rachel and I choose to stake out a spot of wilderness overlooking the valley. I dusted off my rarely used tripod and cracked open an ice cold Tecate. I changed my position a few times to achieve the desired composition and waited! Silverton is known for it’s impressive display of fireworks and the storm clouds in the sky were sure to add a dramatic element to the sky.

The first shot was exposed for 10 seconds at an ISO of 200. As the setting became darker I cranked my ISO up to 640 and added a few seconds to the exposure. This large burst was caught at 13 Sec. A longer exposure tends to meld the fireworks and “blowout” the image, still I wanted to be able to have enough light to define the tall trees in the foreground. The bursts were lighting the sky up after another. As the show was wrapping up I brought the ISO back down to 500 and set the Exposure to 30 Sec. to see what I might get…..this large blast went off at ground accident that left no one seriously injured, but lit up the town of Silverton for a few brief seconds.

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2008. All rights reserved.