Shadow & Stone.

Photograph © Rachel Beckelhymer 2009.

Writer and Journalist, Rachel Beckelhymer has taken her hand at photography in recent months. One does find that the two are often so intertwined that it is almost a dance. Words and images in concert-tried and true.

While I faced the day from my desk at the newspaper, Rachel had an excellent opportunity to venture into the realm of Ancestral Puebloans with friends at her side. On this brisk winter’s day at Mesa Verde National Park, Rachel took one of my Nikons and made this beautiful, quiet image of a ranger silhouetted in the fading light.

You can sample some of Rachel’s writing on her WordPress blog right HERE.

Rachel explains, “Our ranger had a great knowledge and reverence for Native American culture and spirituality, and he was very charismatic. I wanted to capture his windswept cheeks and Smokey Bear hat, but I was too shy to ask him for a portrait and my ‘stolen’ photo attempts were not very good. I noticed his shadow, and having seen Jeremy successfully use shadow as his main subject before, I composed this shot. I was able to come away with a picture that was interesting and maybe more successful than the portrait I had initially intended.”

Do you find yourself approaching photographic subjects more figuratively or literally? More importantly how do you approach subjects you feel uncomfortable shooting?

Cheers, Jeremy