Prime Portrait

Photograph Michael Kircher 2012.

Simple, straightforward portrait by my friend Mike Kircher on a recent outing to the Colorado mining town of Silverton. Peppered with bars and cafes we found respite in a small brewery called the Avalanche cafe.

Mike and I set to discussing portraiture, and successful photo techniques. Which led to this intimate image, made much more so by the tight crop that I have employed often in my own work. This proximity brings the viewer in close, and having good rapport with your subject is evident in this type of approach.

Prime lenses help as they are small, compact and above all honest!

Thanks for the great pic Mike!

Cheers, Jeremy

My Friend Mike Kircher.

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2012.

Uploading images, mentally preparing for the new week, resting. This is what I busy myself with after a wonderful, marathon weekend with close friend, and photographer Michael Kircher.

Mike lives on the East coast, Maryland, just a stones throw from our Nation’s capitol state.

We share ideas, photography, and encouragement…communicating through cyberspace, phone calls, and even Instagram!

Not this weekend, Mike made the trip out West to see a bit of cowboy culture and Rocky Mountain scenery, a chance to visit with Rachel and I at our home on the lake…

Today he travels East. We will both certainly be editing images for some time…sharing them as we can. Pushing the creative boundaries, a friendship built on our shared ambitions, a curiosity for life and a unwavering passion for the photographic image!

Safe travels Mike! Cheers, Jeremy

Michael Kircher On Photography.

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2010.

The images posted above are selected from a single “filmstrip” so to speak…portraits made both directly and candidly over drinks in Philadelphia. Mike and I are photographers of a similar mindset and exchange our ideas, knowledge regularly- via email, phone calls and every so often over drinks.

Our friendship began in Wyoming a number of years ago. We met while taking in a workshop under the excellent council of Jodi Cobb, William Albert Allard, James Hill and David Alan Harvey who were among the many talented photojournalist and magazine editors involved in the Photography Summit.

Mike and I work towards similar goals with similar approach, and our collective ideas yield far greater results then those met alone. With this I can only encourage anyone in photography or journalism to find a few others who share your talent and passion, build those relationships and seek out knowledge together!

Cheers, Jeremy

DRR Showcases Photographers on Assignment.

I have been recently featured on Digital Railroad as part of a slide show of photographers being showcased under Photographer=Hero. If you have the opportunity please check it out! Click HERE to view the DRR link. Hope you enjoy the site!

A Portrait by Micheal Kircher.

Photograph © Micheal Kircher 2008.

This photograph was taken by friend and photographer Micheal Kircher. We first met at the Summit Workshop in Jackson, Wyoming. His use of lighting never ceases to amaze me..and this example is no exception! Taking advantage of natural light is one thing..but creating your own lighting conditions is it’s own! In this he is an expert!

We were hanging out in DC, skipped the city, got caught in the rain and had the opportunity to do some shooting over the Potomac river near Great Falls. One good turn deserves another, I took Michael’s portrait (below.) Same place, same sky, same five minutes- different techniques! Impressive.

Micheal Kircher is also a natural when it comes to teaching, instructing- he knows his camera..we have the same camera. I zip him emails all the time…Mike, how do you do that? how do I do this? How would Harvey do it? To share knowledge is a great thing! Keep up the good work MK!

Check out some of Micheal’s work …… HERE.

Cheers, Jeremy

Photographer Micheal Kircher in his element..shooting Herons near Great Falls. Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2008. All rights reserved.