4th Season: First Light.

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2011.


The Forth Season : Mitchell

Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2009. All Rights Reserved.

I began hunting with Ben Mitchell in the year 2007. We are friends, neighbors, and for five days out of each year, dedicated woodsman.

Ben’s patience with my need to document our search for elk seems to have no end. In the early morning light, a single, or multiple, trip of the camera shutter seems to ring through the silence like a gunshot. I feel like the one kid unwrapping a butterscotch candy during final exams. If at times Ben seems to be annoyed by my journalistic pursuits, I fall back and focus my lens on the nature around us and the hunt at hand.

Please take a moment to view some of the images from my first year out with Ben Mitchell and my grandfather James “Dub” Shockley. To see those images enter the photo gallery HERE.

Cheers, Jeremy