Photograph Jeremy Wade Shockley/SU DRUM

A single image pulled from editorial coverage of the 89th Annual Southern Ute Tribal Fair which included Horsemanship among other events.

Cheers, Jeremy

"With Our Yesterday, We Dream of Our Tomorrow"

Photograph Jeremy Wade Shockley/SU DRUM

The theme was set for this year’s Tribal Fair & Powwow poster, the challenge was to find an image to express these words visually.

I chose the image of a young Northern Traditional Dancer to convey the idea that the future lies in our youth, while the yesterday is carried on through traditions.

In this case I sought out an image from our archive that had been previously published in the Southern Ute Drum Newspaper. This portrait had strong visual qualities while still addressing the guiding motto and theme of the Tribal Fair & Powwow.

“With Our Yesterday, We Dream of Our Tomorrow”

Do you find that ideas and concepts guide your photography, or is the story or theme a product of strong imagery created previously or even simultaneously?

Grand Entry.

Photograph Jeremy Wade Shockley/SU DRUM

Powwow season comes to a close for the year, as we cover our own Southern Ute Tribal Fair & Powwow and the Council Tree Powwow to the North. Each represented by it’s own photo essay in the Southern Ute Drum newspaper: Enter Here.

The above photograph was taken using available light as dancers entered the arena for Grand Entry. The often times difficult backlighting seen here, created an impressive glow, and set these images apart from the rest. The trick was to angle myself in just such a way as to avoid the light directly, and thus avoid any solar flare in the camera lens. The subsequent color and contrast in this image, give it a timeless feel!

Hope you enjoy…Cheers, Jeremy