Ireland to Croatia: photographer Steve Conney captures the subtle beauty of the landscape.

Recent work from photographer Steve Conney takes the viewer into streets of Copenhagen, off the shores of Croatia and across the green rolling pastures of Ireland.
View his full portfolio HERE.
Photographs © Steve Conney 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Kingdom of Bhutan.

Photographs © Steve Conney 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Back in the editor’s seat, I have just a day and a half to help review, edit and publish images from Steve Conney’s recent adventures in Bhutan and Nepal.
Vast landscapes and beautiful people make for some very striking images as this essay begins to take shape.
Visit Steve Conney’s website HERE to see more images.
Cheers, Jeremy

A Glimpse of Island Paradise.

Photograph © Steve Conney 2011.

I was recently hired to help edit a friends work, travels as far reaching as Europe to our home state of Colorado. It was this image of youthful pleasures against one of Hawaii’s magnificent waterfalls that really grabbed me. An image that reminded me just how full of life our world is, and how rare youthful moments can be.

I like this photo for so many reasons…so I decided to share it on Steve’s behalf!

The creator of this photograph is now on his way to Alaska to photograph Kodiak Bears, and I am sure will return with many more striking images at adventures end!

Cheers, Jeremy


Photographs © Steve Conney 2010. All Rights Reserved.

If you like seeing imagery from the wilds of Africa take a few moments to view some of Steve Conney’s Recent work from travels in Uganda! Steve is based out of Boulder, Colorado.

CLICK HERE to VIEW Steve’s Image Collection.

There are some excellent images in here; a visual journey from jungle to savanna! Enjoy.
Cheers, Jeremy
Photograph © Steve Conney 2010. All Rights Reserved.