A Glimpse of Island Paradise.

Photograph © Steve Conney 2011.

I was recently hired to help edit a friends work, travels as far reaching as Europe to our home state of Colorado. It was this image of youthful pleasures against one of Hawaii’s magnificent waterfalls that really grabbed me. An image that reminded me just how full of life our world is, and how rare youthful moments can be.

I like this photo for so many reasons…so I decided to share it on Steve’s behalf!

The creator of this photograph is now on his way to Alaska to photograph Kodiak Bears, and I am sure will return with many more striking images at adventures end!

Cheers, Jeremy

Lesotho: Black and White Film Images.

Photographic Essay on The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. Photographs © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2005.

With the loss of color, light and composition take on an even greater importance in my mind. I can distinctly remember my first black and white photo projects, searching the composition for a complete graduation of light, the “pure” black somewhere deep in the shadows, the “highlights” on a blade of grass or the chrome of a fender and everything else falls in between. I was asked recently if i still shot in black and white, and why? Different medium, different message. I often look forward to washing away the colors in my mind and searching the lines and shades of a subject, in order to try and bring them together to produce a striking image; given the right subject the black and white medium becomes powerful.