Winter Newsletter: Personal Projects, Recent Assignments, and Workshops.


Hello friends!

Rachel and I put our talents together again to draft the current newsletter highlighting recent projects and our hopes going into 2017!

Editorial assignments, commercial photography, education and portraiture remain top priorities for our company — aligned with the passion I hold as a photographer working in the American West!

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Jeremy & Rachel

Life and Land: American Cowboy Magazine.


American Cowboy Magazine

Excited for the recent publication of my essay on New Mexico ranchers in American Cowboy, representing family traditions and the intrinsic relationship between life and land in the American West.

“We need to regard the landscape with respect,” Shockley says. “After all, it shaped the culture of the West. You can’t have one without the other. I want people to see that through my work, particularly if they’ve never been to the American West.”

Extremely grateful to my editors, Eva and Lauren, for thier enthusiasm and dedication to this feature, it was a great pleasure seeing these images come together on the pages of American Cowboy.


American Cowboy Magazine

“In this series of photographs, Shockley trains his lens on the historic San Cristobal Ranch of Northern New Mexico, where multiple generations uphold cowboy traditions and manage the land. The inextricable relationship between life and land is a connection that inspires much of Shockley’s work.”


American Cowboy Magazine

The essay titled Life and Land is published under the Frontiers section of the Dec/Jan 2017 issue of American Cowboy magazine.

Chaco Canyon: Capture to Print — Upcoming photography workshop in conjunction with Santa Fe Photographic Workshops —New Mexico.

Jeremy Wade Shockley_Chaco Canyon-2-2Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2016.

Chaco Culture National Historic Park is home to one of the richest concentrations of pueblos in the American Southwest. Pueblo Bonito, the centerpiece of this vast archeological site, is considered one of the most iconic landmarks of the American Southwest, and a rigorous climb up the narrow canyon trail rewards you with panoramic views of the New Mexico high desert.

Join documentary photographer Jeremy Wade Shockley, who has been photographing the American West for more than a decade, for a photographic expedition to Chaco Canyon. Jeremy shares his in-depth knowledge of Chaco and guides you in using natural light and creating striking compositions to truly capture the essence of this Unesco World Heritage Site.

Jeremy Wade Shockley_Chaco Canyon-577Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2016.

We spend the first three days of this five-day workshop camping in the stunning beauty of remote Chaco Canyon. Each day is filled with desert hikes and careful exploration of the many pueblos located inside the park, seeking to portray the essence of Chaco through our photographs. Professional outfitters provide our basic camping gear and meals during our time in the field.

For our final two days, we return to Santa Fe and The Workshop’s state-of-the-art digital lab, where we review and organize your new images using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Selecting your best photographs, we create masterful final prints showcasing our Chaco Canyon experience.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind workshop celebrating the archeological legacy of Northern New Mexico, where shadow and light play across Ancestral Puebloan architecture.

Sign up now by following the link below!

Hope to see you there! Best, Jeremy

Jeremy Wade Shockley_Chaco Canyon-314

 Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2016.

EXPOSURE: Juried Exhibition Friday, Dec. 4 at the Open Shutter Gallery – Durango, CO.

Jeremy Wade Shockley_Eaves Ranch-1410397Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Excited to have three of my recent images featured in the Open Shutter Gallery‘s annual juried show opening Friday, Dec. 4

This year’s exhibition is juried by Open Shutter Gallery & Fran Forman.

The show opens this week at the gallery in Durango and will be hanging until January 12, 2016.

Please stop by on Friday night if your in the area! There will be work featured from photographers both locally & internationally — award presentations accompanied by wine & hors d’oeuvres at 6pm.

Hope to see you there! Best, Jeremy

Jeremy Wade Shockley_NM-9098Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Riding into the high desert…

Jeremy Wade Shockley-9907-2

Northern New Mexico. Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Heading out east next week…sleeping in my own bed tonight. Feels good to be home. Santa Fe last week, and Flagstaff, Arizona before that. Those great western roads stretch out before me.

The momentum feels good. Summer has finally arrived. I don’t want to miss it though! The rivers and streams filled to their banks, the forests – green and fertile.

Shooting, writing, bringing new ideas and direction to the table every day…looking ahead. Rachel has taken the plunge to work from home, freelance writing, teaching and ultimately helping me further the photographic life for us. We are on this epic journey together…the open road lies ahead! Our passports close at hand.

Next week is the infamous Look3 Festival of the Photograph. Inspiration. Fuel. It’s my first time out to Charlottesville and I am full of anticipation, camera ready.

I belive that hard work, an open mind and kindness can lead us to our goals in this life…a life well lived. The unexpected around each corner. Our dreams realized.

Dream big I say!

Abrazos, Jeremy

Open Shutter Gallery presents the group exhibition EXPOSURE a juried show by Jimmy Williams!

exposure poster

Excited to be selected for this year’s juried exhibition, EXPOSURE, at the Open Shutter Gallery!

This year’s exhibition was juried by professional photographer and visual storyteller – Jimmy Williams

Two of my photographs from the series My American West will be on display, images made while on assignment in Northern New Mexico documenting contemporary ranch life in the American Southwest.

The opening will be held this Friday at the Open Shutter Gallery in Durango, Colorado.

Rachel and I will be at the gallery opening this weekend and look forward to seeing you there!

Best, Jeremy

Photographing the American West…

Photographing the American West...

Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Photographing the vast expanses on the American West over the past decade has taught me many things…one of those lessons is to never pass up an opportunity.

I pulled off the road last week just outside of the Jicarilla Indian Reservation to make this image as a spring storm was blowing out across the valley floor. I am pleased with the images I made, and thankful that I made the decision to turn around. On any other day I might have just kept driving…

The western landscape is vast, many miles of blacktop stretch out between each assignment, I am often covering those miles with purpose, bound for a location. But on this day the agenda was wide open, my wife Rachel was with me and together we set out to explore our route south into New Mexico, the scenic route!

Roads trips. Too often I look out across the horizon and see something in a certain light, people working, storms approaching and say to myself I must return to this…soon. Unfortunately as with all photography, those moments are fleeting, and more importantly the West is so vast that returning is often unlikely.

Take the shot, make the time pull down that dirt road, don’t regret the moment!

Finally I will also add that even though some things seem timeless, I have come back to find an entire barn gone, old trucks moved after decades, and animal no longer out to pasture, never to return. Nothing is forever, even in the American West.

Storms roll in, seasons change, as do the cultures of the landscape before us…Carpe Diem!

First assignment with the Associated Press gets featured in The Guardian’s “Best Photos of the Day” showcasing top images from around the world – I feel very honored!

NM--Pronghorn RelocationJeremy Wade Shockley/ASSOCIATED PRESS

An image I made of a male pronghorn cautiously peering out of the transport trailer during a release in Southern New Mexico made the editors top photo picks on Thursday, Jan. 16. Images from across the globe are featured daily on the Guardian. Visit the Guardian HERE to see the full feature

The full story, made in cooperation with the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish and the Associated Press can be seen HERE on the AP website.


The Western Landscape: Exploring the Image Archive.

The Western Landscape: Exploring the Image Archive.Photograph © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2013. All Rights Reserved.

As photographers in the digital age we are constantly editing, archiving, and trying to keep up with our workflow in general…well I guess I should speak for myself.

Never-the-less having recently made the transition back to free lance photography i am undertaking a massive archive project, organizing and editing years worth of “lost” projects, travels. Not assignments per se, but personal work, that never had priority over my deadline assignments, and subsequently got buried!

Like an archeologist, I am carefully dusting off each set of now antiquated hard drives, adding them to a much newer RAID array, while implementing a long overdue folder structure…good things will come of this!

Stay tuned!