Pilgrimage to Chimayo: New Mexico Magazine Instagram Takeover

Final Frame. Thank you for following along this weekend on the Official New Mexico Magazine Instagram feed @newmexicomag as we explored the culture of Northern New Mexico and the annual pilgrimage to Chimayo — Much appreciated! 


Modesto Martinez turns 90 in April. He makes the pilgrimage to El Santuario de Chimayó each year from his home in Española.

See the rest of Jeremy Wade Shockley’s photos from the Easter pilgrimage on Instagram: @newmexicomag.

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This week I am taking over the Instagram account at PRISM Photographers, covering the landscape and culture of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Follow @prismphotographers

This week I am taking over the Instagram Feed at PRISM Photographers, covering the landscape and culture of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Chris sits in his 1956 Chevrolet, waiting…he keeps a tattered image of the same pickup, taken years ago, tucked into his sun visor, a testament to another time.

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Best, Jeremy

PRISM a photo-cooperative gallery on Instagram


Six passionate storytellers from around the globe invite you to view their worlds through PRISM, a photo-cooperative gallery on Instagram.  Experienced through the smartphones of photographers David Franklin Bowen, Ana Yturralde, Jeremy Wade Shockley, Malou Sinding, Lisa Hogben and Michael Kircher, PRISM entwines these talents in a single unique gallery space. @prismphotographers

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PRISM logo design courtesy of Ben J. Shockley (@benjshockley)

photo-6iPhone Image © Jeremy Wade Shockley 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Instagram journalism assignment featured in print. New Mexico Magazine, March 2014.


Pleased to see the print version of a recent “road trip” style journalism assignment for New Mexico Magazine, covering historic Route 66, also known as The Mother Road!

Many of the images that I posted to Instagram from the road, in real time, are now in the print edition of the cover story! Written by Amanda Kooser, including additional photographs by Julien McRoberts, the story titled “25 Reasons to Love Route 66” proves that iPhone photography and Instagram are valuable to both the photographer and the traditional magazine audience!

The idea was to capture the “feel” of a road trip along this historic highway…postcards from the open road. In a sense, I was able to bring the reader along every step of the way! Instagram allowed me to shoot in a style that was spontaneous and immediate, a huge advantage in telling this travel story. 

In addition to the feature story, the magazine editors also published a personal essay titled, “My Grandfather, ‘Dub'” under the section A~ha! NM Found.

Both stories are in the March edition of New Mexico Magazine on stands now. The magazine also has an excellent website in addition to their social media feeds!

Enjoy the journey down the two lane blacktop…